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Veksel blurs the lines between traditional General Contracting and Consulting.  Modern projects require more than either of these modalities can produce individually.  Contact us today to begin building the future.

Design and Pre-Construction

  • Up-front space planning and programming to define key objectives and owner criteria.

  • Design team pre-qualification, selection, and contract negotiations.

  • Pre-construction scheduling and milestone management.

  • Conceptual estimating, value engineering, budgeting, and scheduling.

  • Budget and change-management during design.

  • Constructability reviews of progressive design publications.

  • Document control for relevant stakeholder decisions and design revisions.

  • Identify and coordinate permitting processes and design reviews with local authorities.

Pre-Qualification Measures

  • Local market research and referral-based bid advertising.

  • Develop Request for Proposal package, and coordinate RFP advertising.

  • Pre/post-bid interviews and pre-bid meetings.

  • Pull Dun & Bradstreet reports and assess financial stability and creditworthiness.

  • Bid comparisons, bid-leveling.

  • Selections are made jointly with key stakeholders.

  • Obtain/confirm licensures, insurance limits, and bonding capacities.


  • Outline milestones and constraints.

  • Weekly review and progress updates.

  • Custom-crafted to suit each project and its unique demands.

  • Actively managed, updated, and communicated.

  • Collective feedback and buy-in from stakeholders.

  • Continually enhanced as project progresses.

Financial Management

  • Estimates to Complete (master budget) and recurring budget reviews with stakeholders.

  • Exceptions reporting (focus only on changes from prior review period to identify variances/exceptions).

    • This process allows our team to focus on predictive management rather than reactive.

  • Earned Value Tracking (earned value vs. actual value).

  • Cash-Flow Review (cash out vs. cash in, committed costs, accounts payable and accounts receivable).

  • Lien Waivers and Retention Review at each monthly progress invoice.

  • Veksel has a deep understanding of financial mechanisms with the ability to find creative solutions to avoid, or off-set, budget variances.

Contracting Process

  • Leverage comprehensive RFPs and Contract Documents (generated during pre-construction) to create contracting agreements. Provides continuity between project phases and reduces the potential for scope gaps.

  • Review and provide recommendations on standard AIA agreements or custom contracts.

  • Produce clear and articulate scopes of work during bidding and contracting.

Construction Management

  • Contractor pre-qualification, request for proposals, interview, and selections.

  • Scope, budget, and contract negotiations.

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control (quality checks, adherence to drawings and specifications, review project record, pre-installation conferences, mock-ups).

  • Scheduling and milestone management and reporting.

  • Financial and construction progress tracking and reporting.

  • Change and risk identification, mitigation, and management.

  • Communication plan and routine reporting to key stakeholders.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC)

  • Develop QAQC matrix to manage inspections, testing, certifications, commissioning, and other requirements.

  • Identify and coordinate required mock-ups and product samples (based on specifications and Owner requirements).

  • Coordinate and review HVAC testing, adjusting and balancing reports. Obtain review and approval from mechanical engineer of record.

  • Pre- and post-installation inspections and weekly field reports.

  • Observe and report means and methods during placement.

  • Project record and documentation audits.

  • Safety program audits, site inspections, and review contractor site specific safety plans (SSSP).

  • Review quality and correctness of work (directly or via third-party specialist).


  • Preemptive punch-list to correct non-conforming work product real-time and avoid completion delays due to a drawn-out remediation post-installation.

  • Commissioning planning, execution, and issue resolution.

  • Owner acceptance and punch list.

  • Final project closeout, records drawings, operations and maintenance manuals, and lien/retention release.

  • Warranty management and transition to sustainable occupancy.

  • Final reconciliation of finances and contract documents.

Warranty and Transition to Sustainable Occupancy (TSO)

  • Issue tracking, troubleshooting, and resolution.

  • Assistance during move-in and early operating phase to ease transition to occupancy (maintenance plans, training & orientations).

  • Support Owners during the one-year warranty period. Coordinate with contractors and sub-contractors to identify warranty-related issues, provide proper notification to responsible parties, and ensure timely resolution.

Veksel can help with any combination of these services. 

Contact us today to begin building the future.

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